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Medical Resources ...

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Dog rescue Organizations ...

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Family Dog Information

Children's Introduction To Dogs
Good overview of everything you need to know about meeting and caring for dogs
submitted by the children of the Brenham Community Center, BrenhamTexas.

Bay Ridge

Home of the Owl's Head Dog Run

Brooklyn Heights

Friends of Hillside Dog Park
Friends of Hillside Dog Park, Inc (FHDP) is an community-based nonprofit group founded in 2001, comprised of people who use, improve, advocate for, enjoy, and love Hillside Dog Park. Brooklyn Height's largest enclosed dog run.

Park Slope

The Good Dog Foundation
Founded in Park Slope, GDF screens and trains dogs for hospital visitation - pet therapy. Over a dozen dogs are presently working in New York Methodist Hospital. GDF also serves hospitals in Manhattan and Westchester as well. For details:

To file an on-line pre screening form

Fort Greene

Fort Greene Pups
Fort Greene Park Users and Pets Society (P.U.P.S.) is a collective group of dog owners who use Fort Greene Park on a regular basis. We are responsible dog owners who believe that in order to enjoy the park's beautiful grounds and many resources, we must clean up after our dogs, keep our dogs under control, and prevent our dogs from harming the park's landscape

Marine Park

Marine Park Dogs
 Featuring the dogs of Marine Park and the Gerritsen Creek salt marsh.

Prospect Heights

Prospect Place Dog Owners Co-Op
Based in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, we're a group of busy professionals just trying to make our pups happy & well-adjusted. We share responsibilities like dog walking, petsitting, and get together for play groups. We're also dedicated to the continuous growth of our community: We want a safe place for our dogs to play!


NYC & Beyond ...

New York City Council of Dog Owners Groups
These are the people who spearheaded the defence of responsible off-leash throught the summer and fall lawsuit of 2006. Read more about it at:

Urban Hound...
One of New York City's most comprehensive site for dog owners. Need to know where the closest dog run is in your neighborhood?

New York City Pets.Com
A resource guide for the pet-set ... for dogs, cats, birds, small furries. Profiles ... event news ... stories and links of interest. Send in : your pet's picture for posting ... details of your organization or animal-related business for listing ... comments.

New York Tails
A quarterly FREE magazine devoted to pets in NYC. Outstanding dog related section with well researched material such as Landlord/pet owners situation is currently featured on their site. Available for the price of mailing

American Dog Trainers Network
The late Robin Kovary's awesome collection of articles and links pertaining to almost everything having to do with dogs. Some of the categories are: Resources, Tips, Books, Training, Helpline & Articles among others.

The Pet Info Line
Everything you need to know when you're dealing with the five bouroughs of NYC. A soup to nuts approach to your pet care needs.

Ani-Med(TM) Pet Care Information Tips
Understand your companion animal's health and behavior.

NYC Greyhounds
A website in progress with some useful information brought to you by Caroline & True (the greyhound)

Delta Society....

Statewide California Dog Owners Group
To promote responsible dog ownership

Canine Massage
Featured in FIDO's 2002 Lecture Series, Tellington TTouch, is a form of massage developed especially for dogs and other animals, involving among other things pressure points and special hand movements that can soothe, calm, and even heal your dog.


Good resource for rescue and training articles...

Your dog bite?
Do visit the FAQ's link on our left hand menu. Not my little Poopsy? Yet in event of the unforeseen, you might very well be sued. See what this famous dog bite attorney specialist is going to hit you with.....

Must Have Books ...

Our Dogs
By Park Slope Author, Susan Ring

Verse and original cartoons for canine lovers of all ages.
Available at Community Books on 7th Ave
NYC Pet at 5th Ave bet. Berkeley & Union
NYC Pat at 12th St & 7th Avenue
Monster Mutt 297 Warren Street

Lives of the Monster Dogs
by Kirsten Bakis

Set in 2008, this is a Sci-Fi'ish" novel of "monster dogs" with intelligence, voice boxes, and human hands who massacre their mad scientist masters and move to New York, where they become power-drunk celebrities.

Obviously some have already made it to Prospect Park!

A Dog's Got To Do What A Dog's Got To Do
By Park Slope Author, Marilyn Singer
Henry Holt

A celebration of working dogs. Just released, informative children's book with appeal to adults alike.

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
By Delbert G. Carlson, D.V.M & James M. Griffin, M.D.
Hardcover published by Howell Book House
Lifesaving tips, as well as a comprehensive review of veterinary procedures.

How To Speak Dog
By Stanley Cornen
Hardcover published by The Free Press

Mastering the art of dog-human communication, complete with illustrations!

Social Life of Dogs
The Hidden Life of Dogs
By E.M. Thomas
Simon/ Schuster

Dogs, don't try this at home....

Winterdance--The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod
by Gary Pulsen
Harcourt, Brace and Co

It is with self-mockery and blind determination that Gary Paulsen takes on the challenge of training and racing in his first Iditarod. It is the story of a man and his dogs and the courage and passion needed to face Mother Nature head on, in the "last great race on earth."

FIDO welcome other suggestions.....