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Fido Rescue Committee/ Rescue Organizations

Basic Information: Lose or find a dog?

Fido Lost Dog at G-mail.com

E-mail your information
including a cell phone number to fidolostdog@gmail.com or bipcar@gmail.com (both one and the same). We often pick up and post these messages while in the park via smartphone and resolve the situation quickly.

How it works...
Not only will your pet be posted on this page, we e-mail 700+ FIDO members for free, the majority of whom live within a few miles of Prospect Park & Downtown Brooklyn. That's a lot of eyes and ears when it comes to lost/found dog posters. While FIDO is not a rescue organization, per se, we will do all that we can to help by posting notices on this page for a reasonable length of time.

Note - There is no way to post your information directly.

Fidobrooklyn Facebook
Post your notice yourself. Much of what we post goes automatically to FIDO Brooklyn Facebook but we encorage you to post your information about lost/found dogs there as well to save time.

Follow Up Tips
Getting back your missing dog

Additional ways to post a lost/found/stolen dogs...
Register your lost dog with Mayor's Alliance Volunteers
Stolen dog - extortion over phone...
Brief word about lost cats...


Before you lose your dog...
Always have ID on your pet's collar at all times... Almost ALL the pets listed below had no ID!

If you lose your tags – replace them immediately! Don't leave them on your "to do" list. Microchips are not infallible. Believe it or not the chip in your dog's body may not match the chip number on the paperwork so neither Home Again or AC&C will have the correct registration number.

Local Adoption/Rescue Organizations/Fostering

Check their "Found Dog" listings as well because if these prove to be abandoned animals, they may need fostering or adoption as well. With persistence, these animals do finds loving homes. But you have to do the work! See our link:
Local Adoption/Rescue/ Rescue Organizations/ Local Shelters/Spay-Neuter

A warning....

While reputable shelters and adoption organizations attempt to pre-screen their animals, rescue/fostering/adoption requires additional diligence because some dogs may have serious behavioral problems that aren't evident at first glance; in particular AGGRESSION.

Even an abandoned, emaciated dog, once it begins to feel fit, might display a behavior that puts all household members at risk. Good intentions on your part, may not count for anything....

If this proves to be the case, be prepared to do the work necessary to make the dog manageable; consult with a trainer before coming out to the park. See our rescue section for more tips on rescue.

Important Lost Dog Tips...

Additional ways to post a lost/found/stolen dogs...
Stolen dog - extortion over phone...
Brief word about lost cats...




80% of the time, a dog lost in Prospect Park attempts to head home.

Post fliers along your route with HUGE letters that people can see from a car; BIG phone Numbers...

Posters should be neon colored poster boards that really get peoples' attention.

Include a description...

When/Where the dog was lost
Where you enter the park - dogs often head home

Include a digital picture if you have one
All Contact information

Date your poster!

You should also...

Definitely post to:

Mayor's Alliance For NYC Animals

Do you know about the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals? Voulnteers scan the internet looking to match up lost & found pet notices

File a lost/found pet report: http://nycacc.org/LostPet.htm or http://nycacc.org/FoundPet.htm

Search their database: www.nycacc.org/LostSearch.htm

Craig's List


FIDO Brooklyn FaceBook - Petfinders


Animal Care & Control on Linden Blvs (Brooklyn) - Drive over to and look for your dog no matter what they say on the phone.

Lost Pets New York
Central page for lost and found pets of New York City

Try local forums like: brooklynian.com
Lost Dog Resources Annex

Pet Amber Alert.com is a paid for service - contacts selective radius of neighbors depending on the price.

Stop a police car/sanitation vehicle: even UPS and FedEx trucks and give them your phone number in case someone finds your dog. They see posters on their routes.

Stolen Dogs/Extortion...

Often a posted reward does help get your dog back. Dogs stolen from parking meters here in Park Slope have been held until a reward is posted - it's a sad fact.

Not uncommon that someone will hold your dog until a reward goes up. Their story will be that they bought the dog from a stranger and only want their money back. If you feel that someone is extorting you for a bigger reward, call the police. If you can make a case that you feel "threatened" then they should help you right away - assign a detective to the case. If the police seem not interested in helping you, then call 311 with the date of the call, the police station called and the name of the officer who refused to act. They will give you a complaint number and someone WILL get back to you.

If your dog is stolen and no one approaches you for a reward, then in all likelihood the dog has been sold - possibly just a few neighborhoods over from where you live. Now is the time to pull out all the stops: go to the press! Nothing like the glare of publicity to make someone put pressure on someone to do the right thing/or rat on them

Brief Word About Lost Cats

Unlike dogs, cats who leave by the front door, generally don't go very far from home but they may remain reclusive nonetheless: hanging out in basement entrances; nearby construction sites or storage areas - any place where the hunting is good

For the cat that escapes into the back yards, posters all the way around the block really helps

Hounds Needing Homes
or Just Plain Lost...

Dogs below are submitted by FIDO members or people visiting our site who have recently lost or found dogs.

Lost/Found Pets + Adoption 2014...

Most lost dogs had no ID on their collars for whatever reason - really this is a must!

Lost Pets highighted in Red
Pets for Adoption highlighted in Blue

Follow-ups: Pets Reunited or Adopted







CONTACT OWNER AT 917 776 8468

Missing Cat - Crown Hts/Bed Stuy

CHUCK, a big handsome, long-haired orange tabby (most likely Maine Coone mix) was eager to explore the world outside of his gate in the Crown Heights/Bed Stuy border (Pacific Street at Brooklyn Avenue). He is now lost!

(Chuck returned home after a five day outing)



Missing Beagle - Park Slope

Rosie is a 13 lb beagle/minpin mix black and tan with white chest and docked tail; friendly but shy; last seen at 7th ave and 10th street in Park Slope on evening of 3/17. She has tags and is microchipped.


Owner: Amy Fontaine Email: amybfont@hotmail.comamybfont@hotmail.com Cell: 347 633-1852


Found Beagle - Bay Ridge

Found Beagle Puppy In Bay Ridge...Need to locate owner!!!
Please contact Paco at 917.921.9899, and I can put you in touch with the person who found the pup. Thank you!!

- See more at: http://www.brooklynian.com/…/found-beagle-puppy-in-bay-ridg…

Lost Coon Cat - Prospect Hts

My cat vanished on Carlton Ave between St. Marks and Prospect Place. He's been missing since 03/01/2015. He was last reported seen Monday night, 03/09/2015, by a neighbor on the southeast corner of Bergen and Carlton Ave, walking along with humans.

Dragon is a Silver Maine Coon Cat, a former street-cat so will probably cope with being outdoors okay. He is human-friendly and will approach other cats. He is not yet microchipped but does have a collar with his name and my number on it. He is neutered.

I'm offering an undisclosed reward. *Do not ask how much* unless you text me proof you have my cat.
Call: 646-844-8791
Contact: tiffehr@gmail.com

Found Dog - Windsor Terrace....

This sweet girl was found this evening running near our place in Prospect Park South. A collar but no tag. Clearly well trained. I'm trying my local contacts but hoping this might help.

(A neighbor saw the FIDO post and informed the owner)


Found Dog - Kings Plaza area...
Young adult (~2yr) male poodle found running along Avenue U near Kings Plaza Mall in Marine Park. Weighs ~ 18 lbs. Not neutered. No microchip. Any info please call (718)763-3777 -- Please share!!

Lost cat seen on 6th Ave

Tuesday evening...
Smallish cat, splotchy black and white coat (from what I could see in the dark) seen scooting around on Sixth Ave tonight between 2d and 3d Streets. No collar, from what could be made out.

Help Them Find Sugar...
Missing in Manhattan

"I am writing on behalf of the search team of FindSugarNYC to see if you would be willing to help with the efforts to find Sugar, a sweet Pitbull who was lost by its dog walker on February 23, 2015 on 26th Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. There is also a chance the dog was given away or sold. It is a tragic story.

The most recent possible spotting was on Friday on 12th St/Avenue B, so we strongly believe she is out there and time is of the essence! There is a $10k reward, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This is a real New York moment. Hundreds of volunteers are working together to bring Sugar Home.

What to do if the dog is spotted:

- She is shy, please be calm and do not chase, take a photo and send an email findsugarnyc@gmail.com. Even a blurry or poorly lit photo will help us determine whether or not a dog is Sugar. She has very distinct markings.

- Please include the cross-streets or best possible location in your subject line. Adding the time of day / day of spotting is helpful, just in case.

- You can also share the photo to @FindSugarNYC (on facebook & twitter). Please remember to use the #FindSugarNYC tag. Email WVDOG1@aol.com

The family is completely distraught and offering a $10k reward, absolutely NO QUESTIONS Asked. They just want their baby home.

Thank you, in advance, for your help in bringing Sugar home.


Kerry Freeman
Volunteer, FindSugarNYC

Adopt Ruby...

Ruby is about four or five and weighs about 45 lbs. Formerly known as June at the AC& C shelter, she was an all time favorite of both staff and volunteers! Ruby LOVES her toys!!! She dances with them, prances, throws them up in the air! She also play bows and then bounces in the air when she gets happy .... so cute! But let her tell you herself...


"It's me, Ruby. I'm still hoping for a special home. I love my foster home and my foster mom and foster brother and sister alot. I have lots of toys and lots of good food and yummies, and we go for lots of walks and sometimes i get to go all by myself with my foster mom. I love that.

I am really easy to please. Especially after I spent almost 4 months in that place that was kind of dark and even I didn't like that smell. I promise to be a very good girl. I'm not a puppy, so I am smart and know how to wait til we go outside for peepees and I sit really good for a treat and I am told I am a very good kisser.

Please call my foster mom at 347-546-2525 or e-mail Rebound Hounds (reboundhounds@gmail.com) Everyone likes me. And I like everyone, too."

Found Dog...
Fox Terrier "Gracie" hit by a car. Now at Blue Pearl on 4th Ave at Pacific Street, Bklyn. Vet waiting on owner to claim, to administer treatment. The microchip says her name is Gracie, but the owner's number is out of service.

(It took a Village but postings and a poster did the trick. Reunited with owner)

Found Bulldog - Kensington

We had a concerned citizen find this female bulldog near our clinic (see below address).  We close at 3 pm today so please call if you know who she is.  Otherwise one of our employees will watch her over the weekend, and she will be back here on Monday.  They can also email if they know where she belongs.


Thanks - Dr. Chilla
PAWSitive Veterinary
1103 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218
(347) 559 - 7729        f (347) 559 - 7728

Found Dog - South Slope...
Large black "Lab" type dog was found wandering out of Windsor Terrace and held at the Baptist Church parking lot on 8th Ave & 16th until Sean Casey Animal Rescue could pick him/her up. If you know the owner, spread the word.

Two Missing Dogs...Bed Stuy

Feb 22 update
We found Sharky and he is home! He was found tied up to a pole in Hempstead, Long Island. The local shelter contacted us. Chopper however is still missing. I think he could possibly be in Long Island as well. Chris


I lost my dogs Sharky and Chopper on Monroe st, Brooklyn NY, 11216 on 1/26/15.  Tracked them as far as Classon. Both were traveling together and have on collars. Sharky(white dog) had on a harness and is micro-chipped, his number is 985112003699273. Chopper is a APT puppy and Sharky is a Amer-Bulldog mix


Contact Chris: groundhog360@hotmail.com



Adopt Kash...

I've been fostering a dog for a friend who recently passed away but now I'm moving and I can't take him with me. His name is Kash, he's a 2yr old pit bull mix. His mom is a red nose and his dad is a blue nose.



He's a very sweet dog; great around kids and other animals; he was raised around 2 cats. IF you can foster or adopt please contact me

Melissa: melissa1378@gmail.com

Adopt January...

January is about 1 year old and extremely affectionate. He’s a real lap-cat, and loves belly rubs.  He also has an endearing way of showing that he likes you: by rubbing his forehead or nose against yours!  

Because January has calicivirus--a common respiratory condition, but one that’s contagious to other cats--he’ll need to go to a home without other cats (or with kitty housemates who also have calici).  


This sweetie is boarding at One Love Animal Hospital in Boerum Hill until he finds a forever home.  If you have a place in your heart for this dear boy, please contact Anna at algasner@yahoo.com.

Adopt Rocket...

Located in Ft Greene, this distinguished 12 year old Boston Terrier is looking for a loving home because his mom is now a single mom and unable to take good care of him. He is a quiet but energetic 12 year old, with a huge personality that charms everyone he meets. He loves napping, fetching, long hikes, eating, snoring, and sleeping on his monkey, George. He would be happiest in a quiet home with owners that are around a lot. He rarely barks, is in great health, and gets a long well with other dogs.

Please reach out to Meghan Guthrie guthrie.meghan@gmail.com with questions and interest


Found Kitten/for adoption

Not the tabby from 01/08/15

Jordan's Pet Care reports that one of their clients found a small cat today on 15th Street near 5th Ave. She believes the cat is a female but is not 100% sure. The cat was wearing a collar but has no tags and no microchip. She thinks she is about 5 months old and says she is SUPER sweet and lovable.

She's in foster care at the moment...

Unfortunately our client cannot keep the kitten so she is in urgent need of a foster or at least someone to house her for several days until we can find more permanent placement for her or possibly reunite her with her family (assuming she has one from the collar).

If anyone is available/interested please email jordan@jordanspetcare.com or call 347-450-8405.


Found Doggie - Gates & Greene

A neighbor found a super sweet dog tonight, and I unfortunately cannot take her, so am trying all avenues to find someone to help. 

She's a pitbull, not sure on age, maybe 2/3, but looks like she might have just had pups. She was very sweet with people and our dog. She's about 30lbs of skin and bones, but might get to 40 once she starts getting some meat on her bones. She was definitely hungry and seemed very scared. We first saw and tried to get her on Gates and Greene, but ran away, and she was found by Speedy Romeo on Classon.

They suggested you might be able to email your membership to seeing anyone knows of a lost dog or if anyone is available for fostering. Please let me know.

Taylor: taylorksteel@gmail.com

Lost Dog – Windsor Terrace…

First spotted on Prospect Avenue, just north of the Seeley overpass about 9 pm.

Later a neighbor named Doug explained that his son was visiting from California, and Doug, who is disabled, had tripped and fallen while walking the dog and the dog had run off. He next spotted her on McDonald Avenue, but again she ran off before he could get close.

Dog is a Golden Retriever type who answers to the name of "Dabitha." 

If anyone runs into her, call Doug at 718 633 2375. He lives in 202 Seeley, one of the large apartment buildings on Seeley Street. Additional contact is Alex: 917-701-5354

Lost Chihuahua - Grand Army Plaza

HELP! Our newly adopted 1 1/2. yr old 6 lb. golden brown chihuahua ran away when his leash was dropped. He was last seen around 7:45 pm. on Flatbush running towards the Prospect Park, across from the fountain. He has on a green /white sweater, with a black retractable lease. He is chipped but has no collar. He has kennel cough and needs medicine. His name is Angelo, but we are not sure how well he knows his name since we just named him this morning. Our girls, 11 & 7, are heartbroken (so are Mom & Dad). 

Rose& Doug Latino
347-277-6166 or 


Lost Cat - Crown Hts

Female Cat, spayed, medium size; American short-hair gray/black/white Tabby with Leopard print on her belly. She has Tufts of fur on tips of ear; about three years old; very doglike; playful. Indoor cat - no collar.

Went missing 11/30/14..

We have posters up. Contact Wendy: thewendyhu@gmail.com


Lost Dog - Parkside & Ocena Ave

Little white Bichon Frise; female, 11 lbs; Microchip ID:
981010001661925, no collar; answers to name, Zuri,

Contact: Home Again Lost Pet
Call 1-888-466-3242


Lost Dog - Bushwick

His name is Parker, he’s a brown pit bull. Male, around four years old One blue eye and one brown eye. Unfortunately he's not microchipped.  The cable team came into my house and left the all the doors open while I wasn’t home and the dog got out.  He was last seen in Brooklyn, Irving and Hasley corner. 

Contact Joquin: gamboanj@gmail.com



Found Male Tuxedo Kitty


Big and friendly. Found on 4th Ave and Union in Brooklyn, shop owner said he'd been there a few days.  He seems sweet and scared of the outdoor world, like a lost kitty, definitely not feral.


Contact motleymuttspetrescue@gmail.com if you think you might know him !  We think he has owners out there somewhere.  The question is just whether they lost him or abandoned him.

Adopt Rizzo...

Rizzo is an 8 yr. old beautiful female Pit Bull, who belongs to my stepson. We have been dog sitting her for 3 1/2 months, because our 3 month old grandson was born with Pulmonary Hypertension and is breathing through a tube inserted into his trachea. Rizzo needs a new home, as we can no longer care for her and she cannot return to her owner due to the baby's difficulty breathing, for fear of the dog's hair getting into his trachea, causing a life threatening situation.

Rizzo is a perfect watch dog and is very sweet and loving with the family who cares for her. She does bark when she is startled by strangers in small spaces (e.g. elevators) and when she encounters large dogs.

Any help that you can provide would be life-saving for Rizzo and a great service for our family. We live in the Kensington section of Brooklyn.

Eden: edenran257@gmail.com

Lost Cat - Park Slope


Search area between Union & Ninth Street from 4th Ave to Park. Short hair black with white chest and tummy. He was wearing a silver collar and should respond to kissing sounds or his name, James Thomas.

Contact Linda: lvillarosa@gmail.com



Found Chihuahua-E Williamsburg


Last night I found a small white and tan chihuahua in East Williamsburg around 7pm. Someone, possibly his owner, was chasing him near Olive and Metropolitan Ave when I joined in helping. He was running with a leash dragging behind him. He did not have tags or a microchip. I was on my bike and kept up with him until I was able to catch him however at that point the original person chasing him was no longer in the vicinity and I couldn't locate him. He is approximately 1 year old. Please email ASAP if you know his owner!

Email from Craig's List posting:


Found Dog - W'Bushwick



Found on Cooper Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Little fuzzy black dog. Proof of ownership is a must. Contact Ashley at 516-5216703 if you have any information.



Lost Dog - Coney Island

Longshot of the month...
My pitbull Somaya she has been missing since nov 15 2014 please help. She was last seen in Coney Island section Brooklyn on west 23rd street. Somaya loves sliced bread, friendly, gets along with cats and dogs. She is 5 years old.


Lost Dog - Prospect Park

His name is Ringo! He's ~50lbs, collie mix, mostly tan body with white chest and forearms. He got away from his walker! Was last seen around Eastern Parkway/Washington Ave, 7pm or so last night. He's a friendly dog but may be scared.m May not have tags, but is chipped.

If anyone sees him, please call Mike at (202) 257-5901


Found Dog - Windsor Terrace

I found this dog Tuesday morning in the parking lot of
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School - Ft. Hamilton Parkway between E. 2nd and E. 3rd St. She followed me home.

I took her to Sean Casey Animal Rescue but they had no room. We had her scanned for a microchip but she did not have one.

I hope that she has a home to go to. We have found a temporary foster home and are reaching out to no-kill shelters. I have cced the gentleman who is fostering the dog for now (eduponc@gmail.com)

(347) 853-2971


Lost Dog - Midwood


Reward - Chihuahua Mini-Pin Mix - 13 years old. Tan with cropped tail, microchipped. Name is Simba - Do not chase!

Contact: 917-346-6528

Found Dog...

This very scared little guy was caught on Clarkson and Flatbush. He's
pretty filthy, and we're guessing he's been outside for a while, but we
actually have no idea.

We're calling him Toto.

He doesn't have any identifying info, but he's a total sweetheart. We've got him crated in our basement and neighbors are taking turns walking him, but we need to either find his home or find him a new home

Contact: amanda@brooklynlocal.info .

Missing a Cat? Park Slope

Little lost black and white cat with striking white whiskers. This guy/gal has been crying out front of 742 union street since early this am (all night?) and when I try to get him he goes behind
the garbage cans. Is he/she yours?

Contact amy.pearlygates@gmail.com


Adopt Toby

Toby is a healthy two-year old, neutered male Dachshund up for adoption. He was relinquished, by the owner, to One Love Animal Hospital in Boerum Hill. The veterinarians, technicians and staff have taken care of Toby since his relinquish and I (one of the vet tech’s), am currently fostering Toby in my home and exposing him to socializing, housebreaking (90%) and learning basic commands.



Toby is a quintessential Dachshund and an adopter should have experience or knowledge of the personality of this delightful breed. He can be snippy (or so his former owner said) but since coming to coming into my home I have yet to witness this. He loves to snuggle on the lap. He is playful, loves to fetch balls, loves belly rubs, and gets along with other dogs, (possibly cats). He would do well in a household with older children and with someone who is home during the day.

For further information, please contact Elena at 917 837 4869 or email emccalla2@gmail.com


Happy Endings 2015

Unscientific stats... Fidolostdog@gmail.com
2014 Approx 127 lost/found/adopt notices posted - approx 54 + were known to have had happy endings
2014 End of the year, 16 lost/found/adoption pets unresolved and carried into 2015/

2013 - Approx 120 lost/found/ adopt notices posted of which half went unresolved/outcome unknown

2013 - 63 were known to have had happy endings

FIDOBrooklyn Facebook postings were not counted in above....

Remember Vivi, the Whippet?

She 's still missing...
Seven years ago she escaped from her crate at Kennedy Airport and disappeared into the environs of Queens and possibly beyond.

If you adopted her, or know anything however related, please call 917 647 4848



If you are writing an article about lost or found dogs who were reunited with owners, contact bipcar@gmail.com


Lost Dog - Grand Army Plaza/Prospect Park

Please help! His name is Dude, a mix breed of Shih Tzu and Terrier. His microchip# is 900164000629713. He was wearing a blue collar.

He got away from us late last night near the Grand Army Plaza entrance. He ran as far as he could down East Dr for about 200 ft and turned left into the side bush, that’s where we lost track of him. We looked around the north east part of the park for hours but still no luck.

(It took some doing - sleuthing over licence plate numers and more - continues frustration but the got Dude back from the people who had him)

Lost Cat - South Slope

Our one-year-old female tabby cat Susie escaped out the front door of our house on 15th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue on January 1st.    She is grey, tan and white and somewhat on the small side.  She is spayed and microchipped.  

(Susie walked through the door a week later as if nothing happened.)



Found Mini Yorkie - Kensignton...
Thursday around 3 pm I found a very small and cute Yorkie Terrier ( mini ), in Minna Street Between Bills Street and Chester Ave. Hehad no leash and no clothes. He is very small, all black with legs, head and chest light brown.

(A neighbor saw all the postings - Peter has been reunited with family)

Found Dog...

Little white long haired dog found in Prospect Park. Contact Mobile Mutts Dog Walkers at: north@mobilemutts.com

(Community postings connected with the owners - Snowball is back home)

Lost Dog - Ft Greene Park

Lost our dog last night around fort Greene park. Her name is Kiffli and she's microchipped. We've had her for four years. She ran off the leash last night and we haven't seen her since. She's a half pittbull, brown with black muzzle.
Please help!!

(Took a day or so but she turned up at Animal Care & Contrrol)


Adopt Jamie...

Jamie is a pit mix about 7 years old and 50 lbs and she's extremely affectionate and friendly with all people. This silly baby is a total mush, and seems to think that she’s a lapdog!  She lives for hugs & kisses.  Jamie is a couch-potato kind of a gal: she’s definitely not your new jogging partner, but will happily curl up at your feet while you watch a flick or write your blog!

(Took about a month but Jamie found a home)

What you should know about Adoption/Rescue/Rescue Organizations

I am so happy to let you know that the Hamilton Dog House shelter received our knitted and crocheted crate liners for cats today. Everyone seems to be very appreciative, including Sean and the cats! The ladies from our Park Slope Knitting Circle worked inspiringly 2 Saturday afternoons, and all together we have made 10 crate liners ( all machine washable!). It was a pure joy working on this project, for everyone involved in it is an animal lover and a cat or a dog (or both!) owner! Olga