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Fido Rescue Committee/ Rescue Organizations

Basic Information: Lose or find a dog?

Fido Lost Dog at G-mail.com

E-mail your information
including a cell phone number to fidolostdog@gmail.com or bipcar@gmail.com (both one and the same). We often pick up and post these messages while in the park via smartphone and resolve the situation quickly.

How it works...
Not only will your pet be posted on this page, we e-mail 700+ FIDO members for free, the majority of whom live within a few miles of Prospect Park & Downtown Brooklyn. That's a lot of eyes and ears when it comes to lost/found dog posters. While FIDO is not a rescue organization, per se, we will do all that we can to help by posting notices on this page for a reasonable length of time.

Note - There is no way to post your information directly.

Fidobrooklyn Facebook
Post your notice yourself. Much of what we post goes automatically to FIDO Brooklyn Facebook but we encorage you to post your information about lost/found dogs there as well to save time.
Also check our Facebook pages for replies about your pet.

Follow Up Tips
Getting back your missing dog

Additional ways to post a lost/found/stolen dogs...
Register your lost dog with Mayor's Alliance Volunteers
Stolen dog - extortion over phone...
Brief word about lost cats...


Before you lose your dog...
Always have ID on your pet's collar at all times... Almost ALL the pets listed below had no ID!

If you lose your tags – replace them immediately! Don't leave them on your "to do" list. Microchips are not infallible. Believe it or not the chip in your dog's body may not match the chip number on the paperwork so neither Home Again or AC&C will have the correct registration number.

NYC Dog Locater

If you find a dog that has a New York City dog license tag, use the NYC Dog eLocator to help reunite him or her with the owner. 


Enter the license number (a 7 digit number on the dog license tag), 
your name, email and/or telephone number.

An email will be sent to the dog’s registered owner asking them to contact you. An email is also sent to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which will try to contact the owner by telephone and/or mail in case the owner doesn’t have a valid email address on file.

Local Adoption/Rescue Organizations/Fostering

Check their "Found Dog" listings as well because if these prove to be abandoned animals, they may need fostering or adoption as well. With persistence, these animals do finds loving homes. But you have to do the work! See our link:
Local Adoption/Rescue/ Rescue Organizations/ Local Shelters/Spay-Neuter

A warning....

While reputable shelters and adoption organizations attempt to pre-screen their animals, rescue/fostering/adoption requires additional diligence because some dogs may have serious behavioral problems that aren't evident at first glance; in particular AGGRESSION.

Even an abandoned, emaciated dog, once it begins to feel fit, might display a behavior that puts all household members at risk. Good intentions on your part, may not count for anything....

If this proves to be the case, be prepared to do the work necessary to make the dog manageable; consult with a trainer before coming out to the park. See our rescue section for more tips on rescue.

Important Lost Dog Tips...

Additional ways to post a lost/found/stolen dogs...
Stolen dog - extortion over phone...
Brief word about lost cats...




80% of the time, a dog lost in Prospect Park attempts to head home.

Post fliers along your route with HUGE letters that people can see from a car; BIG phone Numbers...

Posters should be neon colored poster boards that really get peoples' attention.

Include a description...

When/Where the dog was lost
Where you enter the park - dogs often head home

Include a digital picture if you have one
All Contact information

Date your poster!

You should also...

Definitely post to:

Mayor's Alliance For NYC Animals

Do you know about the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals? Voulnteers scan the internet looking to match up lost & found pet notices

File a lost/found pet report: http://nycacc.org/LostPet.htm or http://nycacc.org/FoundPet.htm

Search their database: www.nycacc.org/LostSearch.htm

Lost & Found Pets of Brooklyn Facebook

Craig's List


FIDO Brooklyn FaceBook - Petfinders


Animal Care & Control on Linden Blvs (Brooklyn) - Drive over to and look for your dog no matter what they say on the phone.

Lost Pets New York
Central page for lost and found pets of New York City

Try local forums like: brooklynian.com
Lost Dog Resources Annex

Pet Amber Alert.com is a paid for service - contacts selective radius of neighbors depending on the price.

Stop a police car/sanitation vehicle: even UPS and FedEx trucks and give them your phone number in case someone finds your dog. They see posters on their routes.

Stolen Dogs/Extortion...

Often a posted reward does help get your dog back. Dogs stolen from parking meters here in Park Slope have been held until a reward is posted - it's a sad fact.

Not uncommon that someone will hold your dog until a reward goes up. Their story will be that they bought the dog from a stranger and only want their money back. If you feel that someone is extorting you for a bigger reward, call the police. If you can make a case that you feel "threatened" then they should help you right away - assign a detective to the case. If the police seem not interested in helping you, then call 311 with the date of the call, the police station called and the name of the officer who refused to act. They will give you a complaint number and someone WILL get back to you.

If your dog is stolen and no one approaches you for a reward, then in all likelihood the dog has been sold - possibly just a few neighborhoods over from where you live. Now is the time to pull out all the stops: go to the press! Nothing like the glare of publicity to make someone put pressure on someone to do the right thing/or rat on them

Brief Word About Lost Cats

Unlike dogs, cats who leave by the front door, generally don't go very far from home but they may remain reclusive nonetheless: hanging out in basement entrances; nearby construction sites or storage areas - any place where the hunting is good

For the cat that escapes into the back yards, posters all the way around the block really helps

Hounds Needing Homes
or Just Plain Lost...

Dogs below are submitted by FIDO members or people visiting our site who have recently lost or found dogs.

Lost/Found Pets + Adoption 2014...

Most lost dogs had no ID on their collars for whatever reason - really this is a must!

Lost Pets highighted in Red
Pets for Adoption highlighted in Blue

Follow-ups: Pets Reunited or Adopted

Found Pit Mix - Bed Stuy

Found this girl in bedstuy on Friday. Weighs 35lbs. She is a big cuddle bug. Loves to go for runs. Is quiet inside. I've named her Darling. We went to the vet where she got a full exam, wash and vaccinations.

Unfortunately, she has no chip.

So, I'm looking for her owner or someone who wants to give her a permanent home.




Adopt Rosie

Her name is Rosie, a 5 yrs-old who needs rehoming. They've spent a year trying to make the adjustment to the new baby. Two trainers were brought in as well. Continuing uncertainty makes it a no win for everyone. Hopefully someone out there will be able to take Rosie.

Looking for a calm home with a few cushy dog beds and one or two best buddies who would enjoy taking her on adventures and being paid in kisses and companionship.


Email adopt@rescuzillanyc.org for more info or fill out an application at www.rescuzillanyc.org to come meet her. See her profile on petfinder

LOST Black Lab

last seen at Lincoln Road Entrance of Prospect Park - male lab - "Drake"

Please contact 917-415-7989
My owner says I am over 1 year old. I have the following characteristics: Medium/large all black lab mix Approx 80 lbs No other markings Spotted tongue Red canvas collar with NYC registration and rabies Green neuter tattoo, spotted tongue, medium/large build, approx. 80 lbs

Dog For Adoption

From FIDO Member
Abandoned Red Hook dog looking for foster/forever home. Posting from my rescue friend:

She is about 2 yrs old - she was found tied up in Red Hook, emaciated and small abrasions all over her. She was not food aggressive and was fine with a smaller dog, but seems a bit afraid of bigger dogs. She is a real good looker and has two different color eyes.

Her temporary home cannot keep her and is desperately looking for a place to keep her safe. Does not seem to be spayed but ASPCA will do it for free. She received her Rabies vaccination today and will be dewormed.

I will forward you the contact information if someone is willing to foster/adopt her. Thank you!!!



Lost Dog - Windsor Terrace

My Dog, Maggie, a 4 year old boxer-pit mix weight about 40 pounds escaped from her home on Vanderbilt Street, half a block away from Prospcect Park SouthWest.

(She's back with owner)




Lost Dog - Cony Island

Lost my dog yesterday his name is "sugar"
3 years old

(She's back with owner)



Lost Chihuahua – Ditmas

Last Seen Stephens Court at Flatbush
Black with orange eyebrows and muzzle – white vest.

(He's back with owner)




Lost Dog - Williamsburg


Boogz - she's microchipped, spayed anboy 13lbs. Last seen near Grand Street. May have been picked up by people in a car. Need daily meds.Call: 203-948-6041


Lost Dog - Ditmas


I am a female black Labrador Retriever mixed with Shiba Inu, - "Ella" - curly tail, white spot on belly and white tint around her mouth. Responds to her name and is really friendly. Possibly ran off with her leash. Last seen 930 PM on March 1st. Has name tag on collar with owners phone numbers .

I was lost on 03/01/2016. I was last seen at 415 E. 23rd St. Please contact 917-974-1749 - ran away after a hit and run accident with her owner in the ditmas park/ south slope area.

Found Dog at 77th Precinct Crown Hts



Anyone w/ info please come to the 77th Pct or call 718.735.0635



Found Orange Tabby Cat

Cobble Hill

Found orange tabby cat in Brooklyn. Henry street between Kane and Degraw. Friendly, hungry and clean. Would love help finding his owner.



Jen and Daniel

Missing Cat - Vanderbilt Street

Windsor Terrace block off Prostect Ave
My black and white tuxedo cat who goes by the name Charlie is missing. I have a feeling that perhaps someone who lives on the block took him in on the night he went missing, as it was very cold outside.

If anyone had any information or has seen him, please contact me at 718-633-7252 or via email lauren.Heusel@aol.com. I will offer a reward to anyone who finds him. I feel like a parent who has lost their child. Please help if you can. Thank you so much and a happy new year to all.

Pitti Gal For Adoption

Adopt Bella
4 months old.  I assume unspayed--will be spayed before hand over.  Rescued from pound.  Unwanted because of baby on the way (what else?)  We'll be the contact person.



Lost Dog - Prospect Park South

My dog was with his babysitter and ran away on 11/25 at 2am running near the south part of prospect park. He is very shy. He is microchipped and wearing his collar. They microchip company has been alerted. Please help!

I can be reached at (646) 522-6190 or Alex the babysitter at +1 (347) 760-1639. We are offering a $500 reward.



Happy Endings 2016

If you are writing an article about lost or found dogs who were reunited with owners, contact bipcar@gmail.com

Unscientific stats... Fidolostdog@gmail.com
2015 Approx 102 lost/found/adopt notices posted - approx 44 + were known to have had happy ending. Outcome unknow for the rest.
2015 End of the year, 2 lost/found/adoption pets unresolved and carried into 2016/

Unscientific stats... Fidolostdog@gmail.com
2014 Approx 127 lost/found/adopt notices posted - approx 54 + were known to have had happy endings
2014 End of the year, 16 lost/found/adoption pets unresolved and carried into 2015/


Remembering Vivi the Whippet...

She 's still missing...
Eight years ago she escaped from her crate at Kennedy Airport and disappeared into the environs of Queens and possibly beyond.

If you adopted her, or know anything however related, please call 917 647 4848



Lost Dog - Prospect Hts

Our wonderful loving dog named Julius is lost. He was last seen on Dean Street running towards Carlton Street in Prospect Heights. He unfortunately does not have tags on him because he escaped from our apartment.

(At Manhattan ACC - Reunited with owners next day)

Lost Dog - Bushwick

Rosa was last seen on Wyckoff and jefferson in bushwick.
She is sweet, friendly, and very loved. She has a collar and tags.
(FOUND) She is tan and white with a scar over one eye.
please call





Found Dog - North Slope

One of our clients found a dog on our block, Union Street between 6th and 7th Avenue in Park Slope around 1:30pm today, and brought him to us. He is a small, 14lb brown mixed breed dog. Phtotos are attached. If anyone has any information about this dog, please contact North Slope Veterinary

(FIDO listing alerted a good Samaritan who saw the lost dog poster)

Lost Dog - Kensington

Little white maltese. Name is Goldie...
Last seen Ocean Ave between Church & Caton -

Lost Dog - Park Slope

Went missing on 9th Street near 8th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Time missing: around 7:00PM Tues Jan 5
Name is Tako
Chipped but no collar
small white dog; about 10 pounds
very friendly


(They got him back the next morning. Spent night with another family)

Missing Dog

My dog went missing last night from our yard, Foster avenue & east 8th street in Brooklyn. His name is Rico and he's very friendly (Found)


Lost Dog - Prospect Park Vicinity

Earlier this morning our dog was chased out of the park. We can’t find her. She is a brown and gray schnoodle named Timbit


What you should know about Adoption/Rescue/Rescue Organizations

I am so happy to let you know that the Hamilton Dog House shelter received our knitted and crocheted crate liners for cats today. Everyone seems to be very appreciative, including Sean and the cats! The ladies from our Park Slope Knitting Circle worked inspiringly 2 Saturday afternoons, and all together we have made 10 crate liners ( all machine washable!). It was a pure joy working on this project, for everyone involved in it is an animal lover and a cat or a dog (or both!) owner! Olga