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Fido Rescue Committee/ Rescue Organizations

Basic Information: Lose or find a dog?

Fido Lost Dog at G-mail.com

E-mail your information
including a cell phone number to fidolostdog@gmail.com or bipcar@gmail.com (both one and the same). We often pick up and post these messages while in the park via smartphone and resolve the situation quickly.

How it works...
Not only will your pet be posted on this page, we e-mail 700+ FIDO members for free, the majority of whom live within a few miles of Prospect Park & Downtown Brooklyn. That's a lot of eyes and ears when it comes to lost/found dog posters. While FIDO is not a rescue organization, per se, we will do all that we can to help by posting notices on this page for a reasonable length of time.

Note - There is no way to post your information directly.

Fidobrooklyn Facebook
Post your notice yourself. Much of what we post goes automatically to FIDO Brooklyn Facebook but we encorage you to post your information about lost/found dogs there as well to save time.
Also check our Facebook pages for replies about your pet.

Follow Up Tips
Getting back your missing dog

Additional ways to post a lost/found/stolen dogs...
Register your lost dog with Mayor's Alliance Volunteers
Stolen dog - extortion over phone...
Brief word about lost cats...


Before you lose your dog...
Always have ID on your pet's collar at all times... Almost ALL the pets listed below had no ID!

If you lose your tags – replace them immediately! Don't leave them on your "to do" list. Microchips are not infallible. Believe it or not the chip in your dog's body may not match the chip number on the paperwork so neither Home Again or AC&C will have the correct registration number.

NYC Dog Locater

If you find a dog that has a New York City dog license tag, use the NYC Dog eLocator to help reunite him or her with the owner. 


Enter the license number (a 7 digit number on the dog license tag), 
your name, email and/or telephone number.

An email will be sent to the dog’s registered owner asking them to contact you. An email is also sent to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which will try to contact the owner by telephone and/or mail in case the owner doesn’t have a valid email address on file.

Local Adoption/Rescue Organizations/Fostering

Check their "Found Dog" listings as well because if these prove to be abandoned animals, they may need fostering or adoption as well. With persistence, these animals do finds loving homes. But you have to do the work! See our link:
Local Adoption/Rescue/ Rescue Organizations/ Local Shelters/Spay-Neuter

A warning....

While reputable shelters and adoption organizations attempt to pre-screen their animals, rescue/fostering/adoption requires additional diligence because some dogs may have serious behavioral problems that aren't evident at first glance; in particular AGGRESSION.

Even an abandoned, emaciated dog, once it begins to feel fit, might display a behavior that puts all household members at risk. Good intentions on your part, may not count for anything....

If this proves to be the case, be prepared to do the work necessary to make the dog manageable; consult with a trainer before coming out to the park. See our rescue section for more tips on rescue.

Important Lost Dog Tips...

Additional ways to post a lost/found/stolen dogs...
Stolen dog - extortion over phone...
Brief word about lost cats...




80% of the time, a dog lost in Prospect Park attempts to head home.

Post fliers along your route with HUGE letters that people can see from a car; BIG phone Numbers...

Posters should be neon colored poster boards that really get peoples' attention.

Include a description...

When/Where the dog was lost
Where you enter the park - dogs often head home

Include a digital picture if you have one
All Contact information

Date your poster!

You should also...

Definitely post to:

Mayor's Alliance For NYC Animals

Do you know about the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals? Voulnteers scan the internet looking to match up lost & found pet notices

File a lost/found pet report: http://nycacc.org/LostPet.htm or http://nycacc.org/FoundPet.htm

Search their database: www.nycacc.org/LostSearch.htm

Lost & Found Pets of Brooklyn Facebook

Craig's List


FIDO Brooklyn FaceBook - Petfinders


Animal Care & Control on Linden Blvs (Brooklyn) - Drive over to and look for your dog no matter what they say on the phone.

Lost Pets New York
Central page for lost and found pets of New York City

Try local forums like: brooklynian.com
Lost Dog Resources Annex

Pet Amber Alert.com is a paid for service - contacts selective radius of neighbors depending on the price.

Stop a police car/sanitation vehicle: even UPS and FedEx trucks and give them your phone number in case someone finds your dog. They see posters on their routes.

Stolen Dogs/Extortion...

Often a posted reward does help get your dog back. Dogs stolen from parking meters here in Park Slope have been held until a reward is posted - it's a sad fact.

Not uncommon that someone will hold your dog until a reward goes up. Their story will be that they bought the dog from a stranger and only want their money back. If you feel that someone is extorting you for a bigger reward, call the police. If you can make a case that you feel "threatened" then they should help you right away - assign a detective to the case. If the police seem not interested in helping you, then call 311 with the date of the call, the police station called and the name of the officer who refused to act. They will give you a complaint number and someone WILL get back to you.

If your dog is stolen and no one approaches you for a reward, then in all likelihood the dog has been sold - possibly just a few neighborhoods over from where you live. Now is the time to pull out all the stops: go to the press! Nothing like the glare of publicity to make someone put pressure on someone to do the right thing/or rat on them

Brief Word About Lost Cats

Unlike dogs, cats who leave by the front door, generally don't go very far from home but they may remain reclusive nonetheless: hanging out in basement entrances; nearby construction sites or storage areas - any place where the hunting is good

For the cat that escapes into the back yards, posters all the way around the block really helps

Hounds Needing Homes
or Just Plain Lost...

Dogs below are submitted by FIDO members or people visiting our site who have recently lost or found dogs.

Lost/Found Pets + Adoption 2017...

Most lost dogs had no ID on their collars for whatever reason - really this is a must!

Lost Pets highlighted in Red
Pets for Adoption highlighted in Blue

Follow-ups: Pets Reunited or Adopted

Found Dog - Leffert's Gardens

Contact Lost & Found Pets In Brooklyn, NY (

Type Dog
Sex Male
Spayed / Neutered Unknown

(Returned to owner)

Lost Dog- Lefferts Gardens

This is Teddy she was last seen running down Lefferts and Bedford. She has a Wag bandana still on her neck.  (Found and back with owner)

(Found - back with owner)


Found Dog...
see fido in prospect park Facebook for image

This sweet pooch was found around Kings hwy and East 50th Street in Brooklyn. He didn’t have a collar and did not scan for a microchip. He listens to commands and looks like he was taken care of. Would you please post this to see if anyone is looking for him? He is currently with Stephanie and she can be contacted (347) 223-9192


Found near Flatbush & Lincoln Rd

see fido in prospect park Facebook for image

I found this fuzzy brown dog walking through the intersection at Lincoln Rd. And Flatbush Ave. around 12:45pm. Any chance her owner has reached out to you?

(Reunited with owner)


Lost Mini Schnauzer - Bensenhurst

We lost our mini black and white schnauzer. He was lost in Bensenhurst but we live in Park Slope. Last seen at 23rd Ave and 59th Street.

Answers to Maxie.

(Reunited with owner)

Found - Park Slope

Stray dog
6th ave and 7th street
Saturday am @7:45

All black w/small white patch on chest 
Super friendly 
(Owner lived on the block)



Found Dog North Slope
Between 4th & 5th Aves on St Marks

May have recently had puppies- Fearful. Now at Animal Care & Control on Linden Blvd.....

(Owner located)



Found Dog - North Slope

One of our employees found a very sweet dog today on Park Pl near 6th Ave in Park Slope. He is currently at Prospect Heights Veterinary Hospital but doesn't have a microchip. He's large but skinny and very very sweet. They think he's about 3 or 4 and unneutered.(Owner located)

Lost Terrier - North Slope

One of our rescue dogs got away from her Foster last night in North Park Slope. She's a 15 lb tan Cairn Terrier mix, less than 1 year old named Grace.
(She was found the next day - hiding in a church garden)

Lost Dog - Crown Hts


Max slipped his collar and ran away from his new dog walker. Last seen at 4pm on 9/6 near the corner of Montgomery and New York Ave in Crown Heights, heading east...
(He's been found)


Lost Dog - Prospect Hts

Need Timber back. Last seen on Park Place. Still had leash and is microchipped.








Found Dog - South Slope/Greenwood Hts

I was at Table 87 on 10th and 3rd Street tonight when this dog darted down the street. I ran after him until 21st Street and caught him.

(Owner Found).


Teacup Yorkie Lost - Greenwood Hts

We are looking for my mother's teacup yorkie, Tiger. He was last seen yesterday AM on 22nd Street, between 6th and 7th avenue.



Found - Male Shitzu - DUMBO

We found this cute male Shitzu with collar no tags by the water in dumbo this morning.

(Own found through the chip)




Lost Dog - Eastern Parkway

I lost my dog this morning around 10 o clock.

dog name: Mr. Miyagi
Last seen : schenectady ave and eastern parkway
Description: got hit by a car.

if you have this dog, please call 917-325-5602(Desiree). $$$$rewards. thank you so much!!!




Lost Dog - Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Brownie was last seen on July 17, 2017 in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, NY 11225 near Near Midwood St & Nostrand Ave

Description: Golden white with a white patch on his chest


Found Dog - Cony Island Ave/Church

Found Trying To Cross Cony Island Ave near Church - No chip

Now At Sean Casey Animal Rescue...
Finder writes "Hi neighbors,

We have someone's dog in our yard. He was found last night attempting to cross CIA, around midnight. He's a big guy with a soft, curly white coat. Super gentle and attached to us already—he adores being petted and follows us everywhere.

Sound familiar? Do you recognize him?


Stolen Dog in Prospec/Crown Hts

He was stolen from outside of a bodega on classon and prospect in Crown Heights by a younger, petite, African American woman about 10 minutes ago (3:30ish). The dogs name is Bo and he is half King Charles and half cocker.

His owner's name is Jack



Lost Pup - Prospect Park

Loose pup in the park. Marco snapped out of his leash in the back trails along flatbush after seeing a squirrel. Marco is a red Miniature Pinscher. He was definitely motivated to chase and is really fast. Last sight was at 4:45. Please share! He is wearing his collar still. Was heading toward zoo/Empire Blvd. 



Lost terrier/cairn - Ditmas Park

Brand new rescue pup runs out of her brand new home- Last seen E 17 between Ditmas & Dorchester.
Silky terrier/cairn answers to Lyla
Wearing red collar/blue diaper
Anxious & fearful

Call 646-408-5995 4/3/17


Lost Dog - Bed Stuy/Bushwick

We lost our 8 month old bindle puppy on 4/1 on the corner of Nostrand and Hart in BedStuy at 11:15am. She is extremely skittish and wearing a bright red coat. There have been confirmed sightings in Bushwick on Saturday afternoon by cops that couldn’t catch her. 


Lost Havanese - Flatbush




He is at the vet at Sean Casey Animal Rescue now. 153 East 3rd St. (718) 436-5163 / Open 11am till 7pm. Please share for this little guy! Proof of ownership required.





Found Yorkie- Prospect Expressway

Eliza Hetterly‎ (Facebook) to FIDO - Fellowship in the Interest of Dogs and their Owners
10 hrs · New York ·

(Reunited with owners a day or so later)

Adorable little Yorkie with a handknit sweater found on Prospect Expressway around 6pm, just before Exit to 10th & 11th Avenues. May be from Greenwood Hts. (And yes we stopped 3 lanes on traffic on the expressway to pick her up!) She has no chip, no ID.


Found Dog - Park Slope

Stella Blanca Panzarino
January 29 at 11:32pmVia Lost and Found Pets in Brooklyn 

FOUND - small black dog at the corner of Lincoln & Prospect Park West tied to a fence. No tags. The police didn't know what to do so we offered to take in.Scanned at vet -no chip. Please contact 619 203 5364 if you know this dog. Proof of Ownership required.




Found Husky - Prospect Park

I found this guy running around Prospect Park this morning. No collar.

(reunited with owner)

Male, young about 1 yr old. He's chipped with a registry to the breeder. He's safe at a vet and if you get any inquiries I will be happy to put them in touch.

Rescued PitBully Boy
Now with Sean Casey Animal Rescue

"This weekend I rescued a handsome, young pit bull. He was tied to a fence in my neighborhood, cold and very hungry. He was found in Boreum Hill – tied to a fence on Bond Street, between Wyckoff and Bergen.


Husky Found - Bed Stuy

Black/White - Siberian Husky found in Brower Park, Bedstuy earlier this morning. No collars or tags. Currently being scanned for a microchip. Possibily a female.

(He'd made his way to Brooklyn from Tomkins Square Park - owners found)

Lost Cat - South Slope

Yesterday, Friday afternoon, early evening, Jan. 13, police were forced to open our beloved neighbor Alan Reis' apartment because he had passed away. They let out his beloved cat Puty who ran into the street in front of 425 14 St between 8th and 7th Ave. We are trying to locate Puty to return him to his previous owner who has agreed to take him back.

Puty is white with brownish markings. He is micro chipped for Alan Reis, 425 14 St Apt A8 Brooklyn NY 11215. Please call us is you see him or catch him. He is terrified, cold, and hungry. Please help



Missing Dog - Prospect Park

Macho slipped his collar at Ocean and Parkside early morning 7/14 but there were several confirmed sightings of him in Prospect Park throughout the day. Could be near the ballfields or barbecue area. We have not had a sighting since 7/14 11pm but we believe he is still hiding out in Prospect Park and are hoping dog owners can keep an eye out for him.

Macho is not wearing a collar or ID and has not yet been microchipped - he is a new rescue. He is extremely skittish - please do not call him, approach, whistle, etc.




Happy Endings 2017
If you are writing an article about lost or found dogs who were reunited with owners, contact bipcar@gmail.com

Unscientific stats...

2016 Approx 53 lost/found pet/for adoptions posted on this page. 36 were known to have happy endings. Outcome unknow for the rest. A small number of Lost/found pets were posted only on fidobrooklyn facboo where the outcome was generally positive.

Happy Endings 2016

Unscientific stats... Fidolostdog@gmail.com
2015 Approx 102 lost/found/adopt notices posted - approx 44 + were known to have had happy ending. Outcome unknow for the rest.
2015 End of the year, 2 lost/found/adoption pets unresolved and carried into 2016/

Unscientific stats... Fidolostdog@gmail.com
2014 Approx 127 lost/found/adopt notices posted - approx 54 + were known to have had happy endings
2014 End of the year, 16 lost/found/adoption pets unresolved and carried into 2015/


Remembering Vivi the Whippet...

She 's still missing...
Eight years ago she escaped from her crate at Kennedy Airport and disappeared into the environs of Queens and possibly beyond.

If you adopted her, or know anything however related, please call 917 647 4848




Lost Dog - Prospect Park

4 years old. Corkie cocker spaniel mix. Black with white paws and chest. 
Lost between ball fields and bandshell around 9:00 am




What you should know about Adoption/Rescue/Rescue Organizations