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Newsletter Spring, 2015

Fido Lost Dog @ gmail.com
When our lost pet listing works, it really works.

Newsletter, ??? 2014

Newsletter, Winter 2013

FIDO contributes to local rescue groups
Help for distressed pet owners
Bark! The Herald Angels Sing 2012

Newsletter, Fall 2012

Announcing Local Rescue Grants
Hurricane Sandy Pet relief efforts

Newsletter, Winter 2011

End of a Era
Winter canine safety tips
Decembers Dog of the Month - Rosie
At your worst moment FIDO helps

Newsletter, Summer 2010

Newsletter, Sping 2010

Service Dogs
Service Dog of the Month - Fannie
Keeping your dog healthy - Spring & Summer
First rabid raccoon found in Brooklyn

Newsletter, Fall, Winter, 2009-10

FIDO Mission

Fostering "good for the soul" - Rob Herskovitz

Importance of socializing your dogs - Paul Kowacki

Boo, Dog of The Month - - Michele Sevik

Newsletter, Summer 2009

Dangers in the home & park
Racoons - do they pose a danger?
Leptospirosis - Inter view with Dr Madden, DVM
Dog of the Month

Newsletter, Autumn 2008

FIDO Turns Ten!
Sean Casey Animal Rescue -FIDO Is Helping; You Can, Too!
Kika’s fight
Hemolytic Anemia in dogs
Finding your dog a companion (without getting another dog)
Did you know your dog is blind? The life of a visually impaired dog

Yo, Does Your Dog Bite? (Yes.) The Art of Responsible Muzzling

Spring/Summer 2008 (Never made it)

Newsletter Winter, 2008

Bark The Herald Angels Sing - thank you
Behavior - Can Fear Be Rewarded?
Remembering Dolly
The "Mayor"becomes FIDO's President -Tony Chiappelloni
Medical - On-line resources

Newsletter Fall 2007

Celebrating the 100th Coffee Bark!
Fostering - ACc&C Safety Net Program
Remembering Sheba
Leilani & Clicker Training - Sasha’s Legacy
Animal behavior - On-line resources

Newsletter Spring 2007

Therapy Dog - Good Dog Willow
Interspecies Motherhood- a love Story
Interview with dog trainer, Tyril Frith (part II)

Newsletter Winter 2007 (color)

City Off-leash as Law battle begins
Off-leash Day in Prospect Park
Interview with dog trainer, Tyril Frith (part I)
Story of Scooter Food

Newsletter Autumn 2006 (color)

National Dog Park Conference
Improve your dog's well being
Home Boarding
Coffee Bark 2048
Dog in the Short Black Coat

Newsletter Summer 2006 (Never made it)

Newsletter Spring 2006

The Kong - the very beginning
Remembering Serena
Power of Dog Droppings

Newsletter Winter 2006

True Hiro- young dog gets second sight
Canines and Zodiac Dogs
Daily News Celebrates Prospect Park Off-leash

Newsletter Fall 2005 (rolled into Winter 2006)
Newsletter Summer 2005 (combined with Fall 05)

Newsletter Spring 2005

Successful Puppy Rearing
Vaccinations - which do you need?

Newsletter Winter 2005

Winterize Your Pooch
Rescue- is it for you?
Remembering Nadine McGahn

Newsletter Fall 2004

Barking up the Family Tree
Terrible Mercy - putting your dog to sleep

Newsletter Summer 2004

What's Normal - temperature, Pulse, Respiration Values
Dog for all Seasons
About Betty
Pooper Scooper Law - 25 years later

Newsletter Spring 2004

Dogged Perceptiveness - how dogs learn
Backstage at Westminister
Tort Tails

Newsletter -Winter 2004

Clone your pet?
Chiropractic for dogs

Newsletter - Fall 2003

Landlords & Tenants
Well Being - older Dogs
Clicker training

Newsletter - Summer 2003

Skin Tumors
Lyme Disease

Newsletter-Spring 2003

FIDO memorial Tree comes to be
Therapy Dog Article
Vaccinate 'em - when, with what?